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Arbitrator Disclosures

Interested parties should not rely on this website as a complete or updated source of disclosure information about Richard Mattiaccio. Mr. Mattiaccio does not disclose the identity of parties in matters handled as a neutral or as counsel and does not have ongoing access to the databases of his prior law firms. He is a member of numerous organizations and attends many conferences and events; he does not maintain records of fellow members, speakers or participants, nor does he monitor contact lists on LinkedIn and similar sites. Contacts or connections in contexts of this nature should not be considered to be relationships that might affect impartiality or independence in the eyes of a reasonable third party. (Canon II, Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes, American Bar Association (2004); General Standard 2, International Bar Association Guidelines for Conflicts of Interest in Commercial Arbitration (2014)). Richard Mattiaccio does not have access to the client files or conflict databases of his former law firms. His disclosures, if any, regarding his past work as counsel are based entirely on present recollection, without inquiry. A party in arbitration who is or becomes aware of properly disclosable matter(s) should inform opposing counsel and either the appointing authority (in administered cases) or the arbitrator(s) (in ad hoc cases) of any such matters as soon as the party becomes aware of them. Mr. Mattiaccio requests that any party in an arbitration for which he is proposed as arbitrator promptly disclose any facts or circumstances considered relevant to his impartiality or independence as soon as that information is reasonably available and, for that purpose, to undertake a reasonable continuing search of publicly available information promptly after learning of his prospective appointment as arbitrator.


This website is purely a public resource of general information which is intended, but not promised or guaranteed, to be correct, complete, or up-to-date. This website relates only to the owner's general qualifications and experience possibly relevant to service as a neutral and not to the rendering of legal services or legal advice of any kind. Thus the reader should not consider this information to be an invitation for an attorney-client relationship, should not rely on information provided herein, and should always seek the advice of competent counsel in the relevant jurisdiction. Moreover, any reader who sends an e-mail to the owner of this website must realize that this unilateral action, and any reply thereto, do not, in and of themselves, create an attorney-client relationship and the reader must have no expectation whatsoever of confidentiality with regard to any information contained in his or her unilateral e-mail(s). The owner of this website does not wish to represent anyone desiring legal representation based upon viewing this website. The use of Internet e-mail for confidential or sensitive information is discouraged. The owner of this website freely grants permission to anyone wishing to link to this website without any representation as to the existence of any relationship of or endorsement by the owner of this website. Upon request from a linked entity, the owner of this website will gladly remove any link from this website. This website is not sponsored or associated with any particular linked entity unless so stated on this website. The existence of any particular link is simply intended to imply potential interest to the reader.

In 1769 The Arbitration Rock helped end a bitter colonial-era border dispute between Brooklyn and Queens. 

A confusing border existed with Newtown in Queens County and Bushwick in Kings County, so this rock the size of a Volkswagen Beetle served to mark the dividing line between these two colonial New York counties.

Click here to learn more about the historic use of arbitration to resolve a dispute in New York between Dutch and English settlers.

Arbitration Rock Queens County New York
Arbitration Rock Marker

Arbitration Rock

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