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Representative Cases as Arbitrator or Mediator

  • A dispute over whether the filing of new patents using research data derived from in vitro and in vivo studies using proprietary technology supplied pursuant to a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) violated the terms of the MTA

  • Claims of breach of pharmaceutical marketing agreements

  • Arbitration brought for breach of wind farm warranty and maintenance contracts

  • Solar panel customer/manufacturer breach of contract/breach of warranty disputes

  • A claim brought by a terminated patent agent for a declaratory judgment that it had earned contingent fees in connection with worldwide software patent litigation

  • An emergency arbitration brought by a third-party funder to obtain an injunction preventing distribution of class action settlement funds pending a decision on the merits in the arbitration

  • Claims of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty against private equity fund managers

  • An arbitration brought for alleged violation of non-competition obligations pursuant to a financial services management contract

  • A complex contract dispute between a hedge fund manager and founders of the fund

  • Numerous cases in which wrongful termination of exclusive long-term supply or distribution agreements was alleged

  • Disputes between suppliers and their exclusive US importers of commodities, industrial, or consumer products and related service obligations

  • An arbitration between two competitors regarding alleged infringement of a famous service mark

  • A claim of breach of exclusivity obligations brought against a national real estate brokerage system and its exclusive Manhattan franchisee

  • Executive compensation and wrongful termination cases

  • Mediating disputes between shareholders in closely held companies

  • Mediating disputes between LLC members and managers

  • Mediating employment discrimination and hostile work environment claims

  • Mediating between pro se members in a Connecticut-based LLC entirely in Italian.